10 Shake Is Ready To Mix It Up

10 Shake Is Ready To Mix It Up

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Our brand new free-to-air channel 10 Shake is set to arrive with a bang next month. Here we chat with Network 10’s head of programming, Daniel Monaghan, on what we can expect, the strategy behind 10 Shake and how the newcomer will – yes – shake things up (sorry).

Q: Tell us about the content strategy for 10 Shake?

A: 10 Shake is split into daytime content and prime time/night-time content. The daytime content runs from 6am to 6pm and is for the kids, boasting world-famous ViacomCBS kids shows and homegrown content. The second content block runs from 6pm to 6am, boasting huge offerings from the trailblazers at MTV and Comedy Central, as well as the latest movies from Paramount and Roadshow.

Q: What is the content on 10 Shake?

A: During the day, key shows include Dora The Explorer, Paw Patrol, SpongeBob SquarePants, Ready Set Dance, Scope, Crocamole and Totally Wild. In prime time, key shows include Lip Sync Battle, Just Tattoo Of Us, Ex On The Beach, Inside Amy Schumer, Catfish, Drunk History US, The Late Late Show With James Corden and Comedy Central Roasts.

Q: How much of the content is first run?

A: Quite a lot is first run, and most of the whole channel has not been seen on free-to-air TV before.

Q: What is 10 Shake’s target market?

A: The daytime block is aimed at children aged 12 and younger. The 6pm to 6am content is aimed at under 40s.

Q: How is 10 Shake different to 10 Peach?

A: There are plenty of different people under the age of 40, which is why we want to expand our offering to cater to as many as possible.

10 Peach delivers light-hearted classics and comedy. It’s the home of Neighbours and classic sitcoms such as Friends, Seinfeld, Frasier, Two And A Half Men and Will & Grace.

10 Shake’s content is far more concentrated on contemporary culture. Think newer, edgier, and more challenging.

Q: How does the new channel fit strategically with your other channels?

A: There is a clear opportunity for a new channel that brings edgy, contemporary, and challenging content to young adults at night and great content to children during the day.

Thanks to the merger of Viacom and CBS, and the resultant merger of Network 10 and ViacomCBS Australia and New Zealand, we now have access to the amazing library of content from ViacomCBS that will underpin the new channel.

10 Shake will be clearly different to 10, 10 Bold, 10 Peach, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr and MTV. Yes, it contains some content from some of those channels, but the way it is curated, packaged, and presented will be different.

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