Checking In With Jess Dorbolo

Checking In With Jess Dorbolo

Continuing our monthly series of check-ins with the brilliant sales team at 10 is our Group Sales Manager, Melbourne, Jess Dorbolo.

Q: What made you fall in love with TV?

A: I have always loved watching TV and was raised on the “classics” – 90210, Dawson’s Creek and The OC just to name a few! But working in TV is a whole new ball game. No two days are the same and we are so lucky to work with such a dynamic and talented team that bring our work to life – it’s so rewarding.

Q: Tell us about how you found your way to 10. Had you always planned to work in TV?

A: I studied media studies at university and thought for a time I might pursue a role as a journalist. I then realised I was not at all suited to that and turned my attention to the business side of things – being sales – and haven’t looked back! I answered a random job ad for a sales assistant role at SCA in 2007 and spent a year there before moving over to Network 10. I’ve happily been here ever since!

Q: What do you think is important to know when selling TV?

A: I believe that relationships and customer service are paramount to your success as a salesperson. Clients and agencies are more time and resource poor than ever and the easier we can make their jobs for them, the better I think we fare.

Q: And what is it about 10 that grabbed you the most?

A: 10 was always the young and fun network which as an eager 22-year-old was very appealing. I was (and still am!) engaged with the 10 content, which makes it an exciting place to be. The culture has always been very strong and positive at 10 also, which can be hard to find elsewhere.

Q: What’s next for TV in your opinion?

A: As we all know, the way in which people consume our content is constantly evolving and I don’t see that settling any time soon. We know that many people are returning to TV in the current climate and it will be interesting to see if that is maintained as we head back into some state of normality.

Q: What’s next for Jess?

A: Who knows what opportunities the future might bring? For the time being, I am very content right where I am. I can’t see myself working outside of TV, it is definitely where my passion lies.

Q: Finally, how has your isolation experience been? Any suggestions to get us through?

A: My isolation experience has been challenging at times. With two small kids at home “helping” me WFH for the past eight weeks, I can definitely say that my patience has been tested on a daily basis! I can now add prep school teacher to my CV and am very strong in the alphabet space (I’m very thankful I do not have kids in high school who are already smarter than me!).

It hasn’t all been bad though – it’s been nice to have the extra family time and appreciate the simple and small things more than we ever have before. I think one silver lining is that we now know that we don’t have to be all consumed by the constant rat race and occupy every minute of every day. Another silver lining is that school goes back in a couple of weeks in Victoria – I am sure once I am WFH solo, I will have a whole new appreciation for it!

I think the key to getting through is keeping up contact with family and friends, carving out a sliver of “me time” each day whether it be for exercise or a piece of cake, and wine… lots of wine!

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