Checking In With Travis Kirk

Checking In With Travis Kirk

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This week we’re checking in with our Sydney-based Group Sales Manager, Travis Kirk. Read below to find out how Travis has moved around the country chasing his passion in TV and what makes him a minor MasterChef.

Q: What made you fall in love with TV?

A: I have always loved watching TV and had a strong interest in the media, so it was a no brainer to decide this was the industry I wanted to forge my career in. For me, TV is exciting. Beyond the glitz of the shows and talent, there’s the audience analysis, extensive history, moves in ownership, changes in viewing habits and the rise of digital and streaming services. The industry is ever changing, and every day is different, which is amazing to experience firsthand.

Q: Tell us about how you found your way to 10. Had you always planned to work in TV?

A: A career in TV was always the goal, but I never expected sales to be where I would land. I graduated from university with degrees in journalism and business, wanting to become a TV news reporter and eventually a presenter. However, in my final semester before graduating, I started a sales internship in 10’s Brisbane office working in Angela Neville’s team (our Brisbane GM and Sales Director). I met our current Chief Sales Officer, Rod Prosser, who at the time was Brisbane GM, and six months later I moved to Sydney, thanks to Rod and Grant Madigan (at the time Sydney Trading Manager and now Head of Commerce & Sales Operations, 10 Exchange). It was in Sydney I started a permanent role as a Sales Assistant. Since then, I’ve worked my way up and the rest is history!

 Q: What do you think is important to know when selling TV? 

A: I think in any sales-based role, particularly in an industry as competitive as free-to-air TV, service is crucial. Ratings, market conditions and client budgets will always be unpredictable, but service is the one thing we as salespeople can directly control. Having spent several years working in 10’s direct sales team, I learnt early in my career that being easy to deal with, accessible and responsive can make all difference in positioning you as the trusted “go to” for clients.

Q: And what is it about 10 that grabbed you the most?

A: First, the programming. I love our content and I’m always watching 10, that is unless I’m surfing across competitors as part of some professional research, of course. Secondly, the culture. A lot of people are amazed how long some people have worked at 10 (many have spent their entire career here) but after a while you quickly understand why. I have made numerous lifelong friends at 10 over the years. Both factors make coming to work at 10 every day so enjoyable! 

Q: What’s next for TV in your opinion? 

A: The COVID pandemic has underlined the important role TV plays in informing and entertaining mass audiences. This has only strengthened confidence in TV as the best advertising medium for reach and engagement. I expect we’ll see this translate into a resurgence of sorts as market conditions normalise in the months ahead. Otherwise, TV will continue to evolve with the convergence of broadcast and digital, and the introduction of VOZ and new ad experiences.

Q: What’s next for Travis? 

A: I’m lucky to say that I’ve found my passion, so I’m committed to TV for the long haul. Next for me is expanding my agency and client relationships within the Sydney market as well as my knowledge of the digital landscape, while also continuing to develop my leadership skills.

Q: Finally, if you could feature in one 10 show, what are you choosing and why?

A: I do fancy myself as a bit of a foodie and I love to cook, so I would have to say MasterChef Australia. But I’m quite the perfectionist so not sure I would survive under the intense time pressure!

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