Getting to know Effect

Getting to know Effect

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Effect, our brand new premium integrated marketing solutions business, is headed by sales director Nisar Malik and partnerships director Tamar Hovagimian. Nisar and Tamar are two of the best in the business. Here they explain what Effect is all about.

Q: What is Effect?

Nisar: It’s a premium integrated marketing solutions team. It’s also a full-service business, purpose-built to help marketers and agencies create innovative brand partnerships and activations across the ViacomCBS portfolio of brands. Those brands include 10, 10 Bold, 10 Peach, MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, 10 Play, 10 Speaks, 10 All Access, CBS Interactive, Comedy Central and their related digital and event properties.

Effect will unlock integration opportunities and create innovative brand partnerships to deliver the greatest effect for our clients.

Q: What is the key benefit Effect brings to marketers and agencies?

Tamar: There are lots of benefits, including an experienced team of sponsorship specialists, proven results, global solutions, a seamless experience, and access to some of the most culturally relevant brands and platforms in Australia.

Q: What innovations is Effect bringing to market?

Nisar: We’re able to be more innovative because of our new structure. We’re always looking for ways for our clients to generate cut through and increase brand recall through innovative sponsorship assets.

We’re also investing more into independent research, really measuring the effectiveness of our partnerships and evolving them to ensure the best result for our clients.

We are also working within a bigger playground than ever before, giving brands and clients a true, 360-degree partnership experience.

Q: How will the Effect team work with us?

Tamar: We’ve worked really hard over the years to really fine-tune our processes and ways of working with clients and agencies. Our priority is to always deliver a seamless experience for our clients and to over deliver.

Our team is genuinely motivated by the success of each campaign. We have a dedicated account manager working closely with the GSM to oversee the campaign, from pitch through to post. The Effect team also works very closely with production companies and various internal business units to really maximise and leverage opportunities for our clients.

Q: What ideas and partnerships are getting the best results these days?

Tamar: Partnerships with a seamless or genuine creative connection will always stand out.  We know from our research that brands that integrate in program, use program IP, run integrated billboards, leverage talent or schedule contextual TV commercials generate higher recall.

Q: Television audiences are growing. How can marketers and agencies tap that growth?

Nisar: It’s not just television that’s growing, but our playground is growing, encompassing specific programs and verticals. You can take advantage of that by not just buying spots. Now is the time to take full advantage of owning your audience by immersing your brand across a full 360-degree partnership.

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