Maggi and MasterChef make magic

Maggi and MasterChef make magic

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Looking for proof that relevant brand integration generates a positive and active response from consumers? Look no further than Maggi’s partnership with MasterChef Australia this year. The integration was smart and innovative – and the results were outstanding.

The partnership represented the first time Maggi had been part of MasterChef Australia. The aim was simple: to build awareness of the Maggi recipe base range and to promote Maggi as a MasterChef Australia-worthy brand.

The fully-integrated campaign includes bespoke TV commercials and billboards, seamless product integration, broadcast and digital sponsorships, and off-screen activation.

The Maggi and MasterChef Australia partnership launched with the integration of Maggi instant noodles in an immunity challenge. Contestants were given the task of creating a MasterChef Australia-worthy dish in only 15 minutes using two-minute noodles, showcasing how humble pantry staples can be elevated to create extraordinary meals. An integrated playout was placed alongside the challenge and amplified brand messaging further.

The creative team in Imagine created simple TV commercials and billboards to showcase Maggi’s recipe base range, specifically designed to appeal to MasterChef Australia’s food and flavour savvy audience.

The campaign was extended across every screen with BVOD on 10 Play and an IP license ensured that Maggi could join in, leverage and amplify the partnership on social media.

The campaign is on-going, however, initial research results have shown a phenomenal 85% recall* of the Maggi noodle integration among committed viewers of MasterChef Australia.

Maggi’s integrated playout caused a major stir on social media and in the news – inspiring awe and discussion of the correct way to pronounce Maggi. The publicity and social buzz showing once again how sponsors of MasterChef Australia get noticed.

The Maggi partnership showcases how relevant integration generates an active response from viewers of MasterChef Australia. It is a perfect example of “the MasterChef effect”.

* Source: MasterChef Australia Sponsorship Effectiveness Study. Mid-season wave: June 2020. Edentify.

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