The Great Content Coming To 10

The Great Content Coming To 10

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If you missed our Up Close At Home virtual event earlier this month, relax. Here is a link to the presentation and some words from our chief content officer and executive vice president, Beverley McGarvey. Over to you Bev…

Let me take you through some of what we still have to come.

It’s only just begun, but MasterChef Australia is up significantly year on year – and the series really just gets better and better.

Jock, Andy and Mel have really resonated with our audience. We have wonderful contestants and, of course, endlessly amazing food. MasterChef Australia is delivering an entertaining, family friendly show five nights a week.

We also have just announced that later this year we will be doing a short stunt season of Junior MasterChef.

We always treat our MasterChef Australia spin-offs with the greatest respect and it has been almost a decade since Junior MasterChef launched to about two million viewers.

We feel that there is no better time to meet some wonderful young cooks. Family viewing is very important to us and this iteration of MasterChef Australia is certainly is a show the whole family can get behind.

As a foundation for our nightly schedule, The Project is doing amazing things at 6.30pm and both it and 10 News First have seen very strong growth over the past couple of months.

Our teams across the board have been doing a remarkable job keeping us all up to date in a very challenged environment and we really appreciate their professionalism and creativity.

All our shows are abiding strictly to the government’s guidelines and this has forced us to be innovative in how we manage certain elements of production. It often takes a crisis to shake things up and we are embracing the current challenges.

As well as great news results, it makes sense that we are seeing really strong ratings for entertainment and comedy at the moment.

We are thrilled that Have You Been Paying Attention? is back with exceptional results.

We also just finished a brilliant season of Gogglebox and will have more of that later in the year.

The Masked Singer will also be back for a second season with new costumes and new singers and most probably no audience. It was very hard to keep the reveals a secret on that show anyway!

The Masked Singer was a stand-out hit for us last year and we believe its feel-good, play-along, crazy fun really is something that will appeal to people right now.

We will also be airing all of our Bach Nation shows later this year.

Bachelor In Paradise was shot in Fiji before lockdown and is the perfect combination of love, laughs and drama.

Production of The Bachelor Australia has been on hiatus but we will resume soon. Let’s face it, we really need to know how Locky’s love story ends.

And, of course, we will also soon be revealing our Bachelorette for 2020.

I am also excited to announce that Amanda, Barry, Miguel and Chris will be back soon on Fridays for a revamped, restyled The Living Room. We cannot wait to have them back on air.


You can check out the full presentation here.

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