ViacomCBS Australia And New Zealand Continues To Deepen Data Stack

ViacomCBS Australia And New Zealand Continues To Deepen Data Stack

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ViacomCBS Australia and New Zealand has bolstered its data stack with the addition of Flybuys’ new data division – Unpacked by Flybuys.

Its combination with RedPlanet, Quantium and Smrtr (formerly Greater Data) gives brands even sharper targeting and measurement capabilities across its broadcast video on-demand platform, 10 Play, and across more industries, interests and behaviours.

10 ViacomCBS, Head of Data and Digital Audience, Josh Slighting, said: “In just 18 months, we have built best-in-class addressable advertising and analytics capabilities across 85% of our platforms.

“We have the capability and acumen not just to compete effectively, but to win, with 75% of total digital sales now powered by data. Backed by ViacomCBS, we are able to push the boundaries of innovation when it comes to targeting.

“We are invested in building something truly premium, with technology that gives us future optionality and removing any reliance on third party data and changing identifiers like cookies,” Slighting said.

10 has successfully accelerated its data capabilities in 2020 alongside the transformation of 10 Play which has recently launched a number of exclusive premium ad formats. This acceleration will continue in 2021.

Slighting said: “In 2021, we will move into more cutting-edge data-driven strategies, with confidence in the foundation we have established for ourselves. We have a durable data and technology setup, with some of the brightest and most talented people in the industry at the helm. We will be advancing insights about our audience and will continue the pursuit of being the easiest, most accessible and transparent television network to work with.”

With respect to the partnership with Unpacked by Flybuys, Slighting said: “The partnership with Unpacked by Flybuys makes premium targeting accessible to our clients, from one of Australia’s leading loyalty programs.

“The market is hungry for transparency and for better ways to measure and optimise investment in media, and with the advancements both Network 10 and Unpacked by Flybuys have made in the past 12 months, we feel confident this partnership is going to deliver very positive results for our clients.”

Flybuys Chief Product Officer, Harley Giles, said: “Through this partnership, we’re offering advertisers the ability to access insights from the shopping baskets of 8.6 million active Flybuys members across all of Network 10’s digital assets. Unpacked by Flybuys was created to give marketers better access to tangible data and transparent results, so we couldn’t be happier to partner with Network 10, one of Australia’s leading media companies, and offer marketers another way to achieve better results from their marketing spend.”

The combination of 10 ViacomCBS data and deep partnerships with Unpacked by Flybuys, RedPlanet, Quantium and Smrtr solidifies 10’s competitive position when it comes to reaching audiences that matter. These will underpin further innovation and acceleration of 10 ViacomCBS capabilities in 2021.

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